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    What Do Fast Coolers Fit?


They fit all 6 bolt SAE PTO covers.  These 6 bolt covers started in 1932 and have the same bolt pattern today. They are standard on all Dodge, Ford, GM and any other medium to heavy duty trucks. They are mostly recommended for manual transmissions as they have no way of circulating the oil. 


If you're still not sure if it will work for you, just check if your manual transmission has one or two 6 bolt PTO covers. If it has 2 PTO covers, (one on each side) you can order the #2fc300. If you only have one PTO cover, you can order the



The Coolers are 3 inches in length so you can also check for clearances. If you have 5 inch exhaust you might have a problem. But if you have 4 inch exhaust, your in great shape.


Fast Coolers really do fit all of the six bolt SAE PTO covers since 1932. 

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