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    What Customers Are Saying


"Great customer service, great product! Thank you!"



“I like the fact that you can install it very easily and not have to worry about it. Just bolt it on and go.”



"Just ordered a set for my nv4500 swap in to this beast... can't wait! will get pics when completed."


“I am very happy that I installed the coolers on the G56 they increase the volume of oil and reduce the temp.”



"Had mine for a while. Definitely a difference. Thanks for an awesome product"


“I did some before and after temp tests and found my tranny temps dropped a full 40 degrees under a hard pull after installing the fast coolers.”



"I put a twin kit on my nv4500. I like them.."


“I put two of them on my 01. No problem and I am over 204,000 miles now on my 6 speed. I think they are worth the effort as they add about 2 1/2 quarts of fluid along with that extra cooling.”


"I had them on my 5600. 10/10 on them"

-Dustin H

“I have them, and they seem to keep the trans cooler...seem to prolong fluid life too. I have actually gotten 20k out of this last fill...before I was lucky to get 12k out of the fluid.”

-Steve D

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