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    Fast Coolers for manual transmissions.

Extend the pto provision with heat dissipating aluminum and add 1 quart of lubricant per each cooler.

The aluminum covers can be added with the sight glass and they match the coolers nicely.

Otherwise, save some money and reuse your stock steel cover plate. 
Fast Coolers are normally sold in pairs but a single can also be purchased.

Why Fast Coolers?

A manual transmission creates more heat in overdrive, similar to an automatic in overdrive.
That is one reason why automatics sometimes have a tow/haul button. Temperatures are
often 30 degrees higher when towing in overdrive. Fast Coolers reduce the temperatures by 30 degrees with  heat dissipating aluminum and 40 to 50% more oil capacity  Just bolt it on and add more lubricant.


# 2fc300

# 2fcvr


# 1fc300

#1 fcvr

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